Goat Simulator 3, the latest installment in the successful sandbox series from developer and publisher Coffee Stain North, recently released a new update titled “Operation Crackdown” this Easter. It features a new event, nearly 20 new gears, and more.

Goat Simulator 3 Available now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. You can watch the full Passover promo on Coffee Stain North’s YouTube channel here:

Today’s new update is another great addition to the Goat simulator series, piling on new ways to wreak hilarious mayhem. The developers have somehow kept their wit and creativity incredibly sharp. Goat simulator She has always thrived on the humor in her physics and the breadth of interactions in her world.

There’s still no justification for the next-gen exclusivity, aside from it being a joke itself, however Goat Simulator 3 It definitely puts out great content. It sure made the most of the Easter theme.

The all new egg mechanics are pretty straightforward but also play against expectations here and there. There’s a decent amount of new equipment, including “animals”, a rubber cock, and more. Five of these cosmetics even have abilities that are always a pleasure to discover. Developers have been translating IP into the coolest imitation solutions.

There were also a variety of bug fixes today, for various smaller issues. Aside from the quality of life, the standout feature is the ability to get a Baa while you’re playing dolls, because both happen quite often. For a full list of bug fixes, you can read the patch notes here.

The patch notes are generally reserved for cleaning up nerfs and serious issues, but they deserve some praise. Members Goat simulator You should definitely take a look, as it’s full of inside jokes, pop culture references, and dad jokes.

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