Gordan upcoming survival and dark city fantasy creator from Covenant developer and publisher Team 17will be officially launched in the summer of 2023. A new trailer for the game showcases all the major mechanics, enemies, and lore.

Gord It will be available on PC via Steam, as well as next-generation consoles for PlayStation and Xbox fans. Still no word on a port for Nintendo Switch or last generation consoles. You can watch the new trailer for the game today on Team17’s YouTube channel:

New blog post about the game Steam page notes that Gord It was developed by the creators who worked on it Frostbank And The Witcher 3, which is very noticeable. Trailer today for Gord It hints at the same degree of creativity and behavior. There are brutal powers and consequences, rugged environments, and quirky creatures.

despite of Gord It may be summed up as: The Witcher City builder, there is a clear sense of unique culture in Gord mythology. The art design is generally impressive, with plenty of subtleties that their grim world doesn’t give away.

Also, the concepts of survival blend well. Rural tools and structures built from basic resources make people feel more vulnerable. Concepts familiar from traditional survival games, such as sanity and disease, will be interesting to manage on a larger scale.

There will also be custom quests, which aren’t really mentioned in today’s trailer. But hopefully, these narrative opportunities aren’t too thin, or dependent on city building. It would be a shame if Gord The world could not differentiate itself more. It would have been nice if the trailer delved into some of its unique mechanics, such as customizable scenarios that will allow players to get really creative.

You can read more about Gordand Team17 and other upcoming strategic city builders by checking out the rest of our news section!

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