Publisher Wired Productions and developer Angry Demon Studio have released a new trailer for the “skate-and-slash” action game Gori: tender massacre presenting the story of the game’s origins.

Get the latest details below.

History revealed

Humanity has been destroyed, and it’s up to Gori, along with his deadly but resourceful sentient hovercraft, FRANK, and his taciturn AI companion, CH1-P, to take down the evil Adorable Army with deadly combos.

Driven by insatiable demand, ‘Cool-Toys Inc.’ created ‘Ultra Mascotas’. The best companions who never go hungry, never require a bathroom break, and are immune to the ravages of time. No one expected the mutation that transformed these perfect pets into twisted toys straight out of your nightmares, hell-bent on wiping out humanity.

Master explosive weapons and devastating combos in an epic battle to stop the Adorable Army from conquering the galaxy and rescue Professor Y, their missing creator and the only human who showed love to Gori and his friends. Push your combat and platforming skills to the limit as you fight your way through twisted landscapes filled with environmental hazards, sharp adult humor, and a bone-crunching, pulse-pounding soundtrack.

Key Features Announced

  • Play as a badass cat with a team of unlikely heroes.
  • Fight hordes of bloodthirsty mutant toys.
  • Explore multiple levels filled with deadly environmental hazards.
  • Master a devastating arsenal of explosives, sharp weaponry and unlockable moves.
  • Use your extreme hoverboard parkour skills to explore every corner of the level in search of collectibles.
  • Make the city red with FRANK’s swords as you slash and slash.
  • Skate and kill with an original and heartbreaking soundtrack.

Gori: tender massacre will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam in early 2024.

Watch the trailer below.

Origins Story Trailer


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