Gothic, Elex developer Piranha Bites has reportedly shut down

Piranha Bytes, developer of series like Elex, Gothic, and Risen, has closed. The studio is owned by Embracer, which has been seeking a buyer for the German developer as part of its ongoing cost-cutting restructuring after a $2 billion deal with Saudi Arabia-backed Savvy Games Group fell through last year.

Piranha Bites is reportedly looking for a new publisher after job cuts last year. In January, after a period of radio silence and inactivity from the studio, CEO Michael Ruve addressed reports of an imminent closure by saying the company was “in a difficult situation” and expressed optimism about finding a partner by saying, “Don’t write it off.” We still leave! ”

However, the German website Playstar (As seen by Eurogamer) published a story in late June reporting that the studio had officially closed. Despite this report, there has yet to be an official announcement of the closure of Embracer or Pirahna (from the studio). website however, remains inactive), and details about exactly what happened are scarce. Game Informer Pirahna’s publisher THQ Nordic has been contacted for comment and will update this story with a response if we receive one.

However, earlier today, Pirahna leaders Björn Pankratz and Jenny Pankratz announced Creation of Pithead Studio, a new indie studio. in one Announcement videoThe pair have acknowledged Pirahna’s silence over the past few months and say they plan to answer questions about the Pithead installation on their YouTube channel starting every Monday.

Piranha Bites was founded in 1997 and is perhaps best known for creating the Gothic series. The studio also developed three Risen titles and the Elex series; Its final release was the Elex II in 2022. A remake of Gothic 1 is currently in development by a different studio called Alchemy Interactive. Piranha Bites was acquired in 2019 by THQ Nordic, itself a publishing subsidiary of Embracer Group.

If true, the news represents the latest Embracer casualty since Alone in the Dark developer Pieces Interactive shut down last month. After months of layoffs, studio closures (including Saints Row developer Volition Games and timesplitters developer Free Radical), and the sale of its properties, Embracer split into three companies in April: Middle-Earth & Friends, Coffee Stain & Friends, and Asmodee.

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