Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising reveals Figure Studio; Nine minutes of Grand Bruise Legends


Granblue Fantasy Vs: Rise It will feature a “figure mode” in which players can place and edit characters and set pieces to create original dioramas, publisher Cygames and developer Cygames Osaka announced during a conference today.Granblue Fantasy an offer: Granblue Fantasy Vs: Rise And Relink Part One.” Nine minutes of Grand Bruise Legends gameplay were also shown.

“In this mode, you have to place and edit Granblue Fantasy Characters and set pieces inside Granblue Fantasy Vs: Rise “To create an original diorama,” he explained. Granblue Fantasy Vs: Rise Creative director Tetsuya Fukuhara during the presentation. “I think the fans GranblueYou will find its characters particularly enjoyable. Really, I feel like the amount of money we put into this situation is amazing. There are so many high-quality 3D models to play with, we really wanted to spoil our players with options. Even small details can be modified, so please post your diorama online and share your proudest creations with the world! We’re also planning to host some sort of official photo contest, but we’ll share more details about that when more is determined.

Granblue Fantasy Vs: Rise It is scheduled to be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via steam On November 30th.

Watch the footage below.

Granblue Fantasy an offer: Granblue Fantasy Vs: Rise And Relink Part 1

table of contents

  • 7:48 to 15:07 – Overview
  • 18:17 to 19:13 – Partners introduction
  • 19:13 to 21:24 – Introduction to the Legends of the Lobby and the Grand Bruise
  • 21:24 to 22:40 – Introduction to figure placement
  • 24:47 to 33:50 – Grand Bruise Legends game




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