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Guilty Gear Strive is Arc System Works’ frenetic and characterful fighter that continues the insane story of the Guilty Gear franchise with better than ever graphics and gameplay. With a roster now featuring 23 characters, there’s plenty of variety. But who is the best? Stay with us as we put the Guilty Gear Strive fighters into a tier list.

Guilty Gear Strive Fighter Tier List

Below is our tier list of Guilty Gear Strive fighters. Beneath that we’ll go over why each character has fallen into that bracket.

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S Tier

These characters have features about them that make them hard to counter, simple to play at all levels, and just have an advantage in all matchups. Ky’s super easy to execute Dust attacks do very quick damage, and are easily combo-able. May, similarly has a lot of instant damage, and a spammable dolphin move that only gets more potent as the user increases in skill.

A Tier

  • Sol
  • Giovanna
  • Baiken
  • Testament
  • Bridget
  • Sin

Characters in A Tier have only one or two bad matchups, and are very flexible or adaptable, but will often lose out to a S Tier pick. Sol is the consummate all-rounder, and Sin feels very similar. All of these characters have very simple combos to learn, but take time to master.

B Tier

  • Potemkin
  • Axl
  • Ramlethal
  • Leo
  • Anji
  • Goldlewis Dickinson
  • Chipp

In B Tier, these are usually part of some kind of archetype, like grapplers, or have a more complex fighting style. Potemkin is great in the right hands, but as a grappler, he can be out ranged and defeated by a skilled, higher-tier player. Ramlethal has a few quirks in her gameplay that makes her just a bit to complex to be higher tier. Many of the characters here suffer from similar issues.

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C Tier

  • Faust
  • Millia
  • Nagoriyuki
  • I-NO
  • Jack-O’
  • Bedman

Characters in C-Tier are either heavy gimmick characters, like Faust, or just not effective enough to be used by most people. Jack-O’, for example, is a pet-based fighter that needs a lot more execution to effectively use her Servants. In the right hands, these fighters are still deadly.

D Tier

These characters are auto-loss in almost all cases against someone of equal skill. Any character can be mastered and used effectively, but we’d recommend putting your time and effort into someone higher in the tier list.

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