Hades II’s first patch changes how sprinting and resource gathering work

Hades II has taken the gaming world by storm, and I’m not just saying that because it’s the subject of our current cover story. But while many may be surprised by the sheer volume of content available so far, it’s still in early access, so the team at Supergiant will be updating and patching it for the foreseeable future. The first of those patches arrived today, and it adds some minor quality-of-life improvements.

The first change comes to the sprint mechanic, a feature that the original Hades lacked. By holding down the dash button, Melinoë begins to run, making it easier to avoid enemy attacks or traverse large stretches of the map. Several boons only activate while sprinting, so this is a critical mechanic to get right for a Supergiant. After this first patch, sprinting is faster and easier to turn, and the associated bounties have been re-balanced accordingly. In addition, the Swift Runner upgrade in Alter of Ashes (which increases sprint speed by 20%) now starts your dash instantly, so you can more reliably escape danger.

The patch also makes a minor overhaul of the resource collection system. As you progress, you’ll unlock different tools like the hoe and shovel to harvest different types of items like minerals and seeds. Before a patch, choosing a tool before a run means you can only harvest those specific resources until you return to the Crossroads. If you pick up a shovel and encounter a fishing spot, you’re out of luck. Now, players can harvest any resource they encounter in a run, but selecting a specific tool makes it more likely that its corresponding resource will appear. Now, a shoveler melinoy might try to catch any fish she comes across, but she’s less likely to encounter one in the first place.

The patch also includes several other minor fixes, You can read it in full here. Be careful before unveiling those spoiler tags, if you haven’t made it through the majority of the game, they reveal the existence of some characters or locations you haven’t yet encountered.

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