Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home first details, screenshots

Natsume has published the first information and screenshots for Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Homewas recently announced harvest moon The game will arrive on iOS and Android in August.

“In Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home, players are tasked with returning home where it all began to help their childhood village return to normal,” Natsume President and CEO Hiro Maekawa said in a press release. “Mobile gamers will love this robust new standalone farming experience where they can help their beloved village flourish with new tourists, new residents, new crops and more, all without in-app purchases.”

Get the details below.

In Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home It’s time to return to your roots and leave the city life for your childhood village, Alba, where local farmers and fishermen grow and catch the freshest fish and tastiest vegetables.

However, with its population ageing and younger villagers leaving for the big city, Alba Village has seen better days, so can you help it turn from a town in decline into one of prosperity? With its beautiful surroundings, Alba definitely has potential, but will you be able to bring tourists and even new residents to this sprawling green village?

Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home He is bigger harvest moon The best mobile game ever! Plus, you can court four different bachelors and four different bachelorettes and marry whoever you want. Get together with your childhood friend and other familiar faces to help put Alba on the map!

Harvest crops, take care of animals, fish, mines and more. Collect and gather Happiness to grow the village and gain new residents, while competing and participating in various contests and festivals!

See the screenshots in the gallery.


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