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The latest update for the action-packed rhythm game Hi-Fi Rush, developed by Tango Gameworks, brings a variety of improvements and fixes to improve your gaming experience. Update 4 addresses several issues that players encountered while battling the evil Scorpion alongside Chai and his monster squad.

Among the fixes included in Update 4, a vulnerability that allowed players to continuously resell attacks they previously sold was removed, adding a touch of realism to the game. The patch also resolves a bug that was preventing the “Specialist” challenge from being unlocked on The Wall of Fame, even after purchasing all available special attacks. This fix is ​​retroactive, so players who have already purchased attacks will automatically be recorded as completed.

Another issue fixed in update 4 is the hidden animation not playing when interacting with the 808 on the couch while she’s wearing the Bossplay Roquefort outfit. The update also improves PSO caching support on the Microsoft Store version of the game, while also addressing connectivity issues players may encounter while playing. Additionally, the softness of the couch cushion in Chai’s hideout has been tweaked to better refresh him between missions.

Below is the full list of patch notes that were made Available for update 4:

  • A vulnerability that allowed players to continuously resell attacks already sold by the player has been removed. This adds realism because you cannot sell what is no longer yours.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Specialist’ Challenge would not unlock on the Wall of Fame despite purchasing all available Special Attacks in the game. (Note: This is retroactive, so if you have already purchased the attacks, the objective will be recorded as completed automatically)
  • Fixed an issue where the cool hidden animation of playing with the 808 on the couch would not play while outfitted with the Bossplay Roquefort outfit.
  • Fixed support for PSO caching on Microsoft Store version which may cause crashes during gameplay.
  • The softness of the Hideaway Modified Couch Pillow refreshes chai better when relaxing between errands.

Update 3, the previous patch, introduced the Bossplay Costume Pack, which allowed players to dress up as Chai and his friends in the villainous Vandelay vogue. This update also brought several quality of life improvements, such as the 2D Rhythm Game Assist feature and Auto Rhythm Parry, only available on Easy and Normal difficulty modes. Furthermore, collectible information has been added to the stage selection screen, along with various bug fixes and minor adjustments to the photo mode.

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