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Hogwarts Legacy is not short on puzzles and side content, particularly if you decide to take on the Halls of Herodiana side quest. It involves three puzzle rooms in which you will need to Use Depulso and Accio to move gigantic, golden blocks to find a way across the room. While I found the first two puzzles to be a bit on the simple side, I thought the third puzzle was a bit trickier. Here’s how to solve Herodiana Puzzle Three in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to reach the extra chest in Herodiana Puzzle 3 – Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to be a crafty witch or wizard who doesn’t miss a thing, there is an optional chest you can reach with gear inside. I wound up selling most gear that I found, so I wouldn’t blame you if you decide to skip this step. It is easier to do this before you solve the puzzle, however and walk through the final door. You can always return through Puzzle rooms one and two to claim this treasure, if you want.

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Instead of pulling the block to the right hand wall, push the block toward the door. Next, carefully aim and push it into the back right corner of the room. Then you’ll want to use Accio to pull the block toward the cube in the stand. Pull it again toward you, so that the block is positioned as shown below.

You’ll simply need to pull the block toward you one last time, then either push or pull it to the left hand wall to create a stair case that leads to the chest. You can then reset the puzzle and follow our instructions above to reach the exit door to finish.

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How to solve Herodiana Puzzle 3 in Hogwarts Legacy

There is only one movable block in Herodina’s third puzzle. You’ll need to start by carefully pulling the large golden block to the right hand side wall. Keep in mind that you can not stand directly in front of the block while you do this. If you do, the block will run over you and you’ll be standing at the entrance again with a reset puzzle.

Next, use Depulso to push it toward the cube in the golden stand. Then, climb up the stone blocks on the left hand side of the room and pull the golden block toward you with Accio. This should create a bridge for you to walk across.

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When you reach the next set of stone blocks, use a basic cast on the cube to reset the puzzle. You should still be standing on the far stone blocks as shown above.

To finish the puzzle, pull the reset block toward the exit, pull it again to the left hand wall, then towards you one final time to create a stairway toward the door.

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