Homeworld 3The highly anticipated sci-fi RTS sequel from developer Blackbird Interactive and publisher Gearbox Publishing will officially lose its old Fig.co on May 29, 2023. As a result, major communications will change very soon.

Photo: Fig/Gearbox Publishing

according to New Publication On Steam, Fig has moved the entire supporter list and other key information so that skin rewards can still be distributed correctly. This is probably the biggest concern, and it really does seem like a tricky project, but hopefully everything stays the same.

Direct contact has changed to your Fig account email, and Fig support can’t help users change their contact information or preferences anymore. Instead, you will have to submit a ticket through Gearbox Support.

Also, the Homeworld Universe will be responsible for quarterly updates from now on. Fortunately, things are not slowing down. The transition at the end is very smooth, if a little abrupt. But the developers have conveniently worked on a new Q&A section on Gearbox Software Support.

There is certainly plenty of time to get used to the new location and complete any small tasks after Fig closes. Originally expected in 2022, Homeworld 3 It was again delayed to February 2024, with a delay very similar to the 2022 post. The developers have cited the typical need for “burnishing and polishing”.

It remains unclear if the game will be the most satisfying installment yet, or if it’s just a little ambitious for its own sake. Either way, a clean launch is always best, and the developers don’t seem to look out for the media presence when lags get too long.

You can read more about Homeworld 3Blackbird Interactive and upcoming RTS games by checking out the rest of our news section.

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