The upcoming update 6.6 for Honkai Impact 3rd brings two new suits into the limelight. Players can look forward to S-rank Dreamweaver for World Serpent member Misteln “Hare” Schariac and SP Terminal Aide 0017 for AI #17, part of Prometheus. HoYoVerse recently released a preview video featuring the team members discussing the playable characters and offering a behind-the-scenes look at their development.

The video featured screenshots of Misteln and Number 17 and delved into the design inspiration for Misteln’s Honkai Impact 3rd Dreamweaver. Misteln, a type of Schariac stigma crystal, was a mysterious presence among the World Serpent cadres. Its design is inspired by Cecilia, with a little more flair to make it more approachable. As a stigma crystal, she understands things conceptually, which gives her a unique perspective compared to humans.

Influenced by the work of Mamoru Nagano, the design of the Dreamweaver Battle Suit from Misteln incorporates retro motifs and stitching. This sets it apart from previous Valkyries. The design also includes a divine spiritual totem that reflects her mystical presence. Mystel’s psychic abilities and aristocratic aura make her well suited as a leader or mother figure. In battle, you take command of the Thought Seed and use a new weapon, the spear, to engage in combat.

No. 17, the highly advanced AI from Prometheus, shares similarities with Mistlin. Both characters show an interest in humanity and its complexities. Terminal Aide 0017’s Battlesuit No. 17’s design emphasizes its AI nature, using colors and patterns reminiscent of IMG monsters. The design also takes into account her different aesthetics and incorporates mix-and-match style with her outfits.

Image via HoYoVerse

As a S.H.I.E.L.D. captain on the team, Android 17’s animation needed to convey a formidable presence. Her fighting style is direct and effective, using high-speed attacks and an array of variable gauntlets. These gauntlets can serve as cannons, archers, missile launchers, drills, and more, adapting to any shape needed in battle.

Ultimately, Misteln and Number 17 choose to engage in “things only humans can do” as a result of their curiosity for humanity. After being reborn by copying, Misteln seeks to watch and enhance the growth of others, especially Number 17. This shared desire to understand humanity brings these two intriguing characters closer together in Honkai Impact 3rd’s upcoming 6.6 update.

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