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Similarly to Genshin Impact, Honaki: Star Rail includes tests to see if you are ready to raise the level of enemies you find strolling about in the galaxy. These are collectively called the Trails of the Equilibrium, and they will come in multiple parts as you raise your Trailblaze Level.

These tests will truly push your teams to the limit to find out if you are ready for the next stage. They’ll also unlock systems you need to progress further in the game, such a Crimson Calyxes and Stagnant Shadows. Need help to beat these challenges? We can help. Here is a guide to all of the Equilibrium Trials in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Equilibrium Trials in Honkai Star Rail

Equilibrium Trials unlock at Trailblaze Levels 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65. The quests will launch automatically when you reach these stages. You will not be able to raise your Trailblaze Level further until you’ve beaten each Equilibrium Trial. This guide will be a work in progress as we tackle each challenge ourselves.

Honkai Star Rail—Trial of the Equilibrium, Part One

The First Equilibrium Trial unlocks about the same time you explore the Underworld of Jarilo-VI. You’ll find it in the lower level of the Robot Settlement. You’ll need to pass this trial to raise your Trailblaze level above 20, and unlock Crimson Calyxes. As this is the first challenge in the game, we recommended a fully free character team:

  • Natasha, Asta, Serval, Dan Heng

Don’t think because this is the First Trial that it will be easy! Each fight will have polar opposite weaknesses, so make sure that you manage your skill points well, and only use DPS skills for the character who can exploit each bosses weakness.

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Honkai Star Rail—Trial of the Equilibrium, Part Two

The Second Equilibrium Trial should unlock about the same time you are finishing your Trailblaze Mission on Jarilo-VI. It unlocks Trailblaze Levels past 30, as well as Stagnant Shadows, which you will need to Ascend your characters. While you will be father in the game, most free-to-play players will only have one five-star character to use for this fight, so, again, we recommended a fully free character team:

  • Natasha, March 7th, Asta, Fire Trailblazer

This Trial will test your survivability a bit more, which is why we chose to use three sustaining characters. March 7th and Fire Trailblazer make a synergistic duo that works really well for one half of the challenge, and Natasha will make sure that you survive through the second half.

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