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Other than the starting trio of Honkai: Star Rail, one of the first characters you’ll meet in the game is Arlan, a security officer onboard Herta Space Station. You can’t receive him for free, but you are likely to obtain him at some point, as he is a Four-Star character available on any banner. Need to know how to build him? Here’s my best recommendations for Light Cones, Relics and Teammates to use with Arlan.

Best Light Cone for Arlan in Honkai Star Rail

While he could use a Five-Star Light Cone, I think Arlan’s best Light Cone is actually a Four-Star one called, A Secret Vow. With his image on it, it seems to be designed just for him. It can significantly increase damage at high superimposition levels, and rewards the player for keeping Arlan’s HP lower, further increasing his damage.

Best Free-to-Play Light Cone for Arlan

Other than A Secret Vow, you could use On the Fall of an Aeon, a Five-Star Light Cone you can obtain from the Simulated Universe Shop without paying any money. Although, I believe the other Light Cones, particularly Cruising in the Stellar Sea, are better to obtain first. The Three-Star Light Cone Mutual Demise also plays into Arlan’s need to be at lower HP as is an option you could use that is easy to obtain and raise to imposition Level Five.

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Best Relic Sets for Arlan in Honkai Star Rail

Arlan is a Lightning Element damage dealer, and, as such, he will prefer to have the four piece Band of Sizzling Thunder Relic Set. It increases both his Attack and Lightning damage.

For Planar Ornaments, Arlan has multiple options. I think either the Space Sealing Station or the Celestial Differentiator set would work best on him. You could use a Inert Salsotto Set, but keep in mind his kit does not include a follow-up attack to take advantage of.

Which stats should you boost on Arlan?

Arlan is a straight fighter and will want Critical and damage boosting stats increased. Here are my recommendations for the Main Stats on his flexible Relic pieces.

  • Feet: Attack% or Speed
  • Body: Critical Value
  • Sphere: Lightning Damage
  • Rope: Attack% or Energy Regen Rate

Arlan’s Element and Path in Honkai Star Rail

For being a security officer, I’m slightly surprised that Arlan doesn’t follow the path of Preservation. Instead, he is a Destruction character that deals both single target and AoE damage. His Element is Lightning, which you will have to pay attention to. For the most part, damage dealers should only be used against enemies that are weak to a particular character’s element.

Best Teammates for Arlan

Thanks to Arlan’s talent, his damage is significantly boosted when his HP is lower. So, be careful if you decide to put a healer like Bailu on his team. Instead, you could try using shielders, such as March 7th or the Fire Trailblazer to protect him. Tingyun, another Lightning Element character is a great choice to boost his personal damage, or other Lightning Sub DPS units, like Serval will go well in his teams.

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