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Sushang, a crossover character from Honkai Impact 3rd, can be found on the Xianzhou Luofu. She’s a member of the Cloud Knights, and swordsmanship is always on her mind. I drew this character from the Gacha just after completing the Main Story in Version 1.0, and immediately started to build her. Her single target-damage and value against enemies weak to the Physical Element is top notch. Want to know my recommendations for Light Cones, Relics and Team Comps for Sushang? Here they are.

Best Light Cone for Sushang in Honkai Star Rail

Sushang’s Best Light Cone would be one of the three Five Star Light Cones that Follow the Path of The Hunt. As In the Night and Sleep Like the Dead are harder to obtain, we actually don’t recommend them over Cruising in the Stellar Sea, a Light Cone that you can obtain simply through gameplay in the Simulated Universe. The other two are generally best saved for the Five-Star characters that they go with, Seele and Yanqing.

Best free-to-play Light Cones for Sushang in Honkai Star Rail

Other than Five-Star Light cones, you could try using some Four-Star Light Cones obtained passively from the Gacha like Only Silence Remains and Swordplay. Adversarial or Arrows are also great Three-Star Light Cone options you could try in a pinch.

Best Relic Sets for Sushang in Honkai Star Rail

Sushang deals Physical Damage and a lot of it. Because of this we recommend using the Champion of Streetwise Boxing Relic Set, which you can obtain from the Path of Jabbing Punch Cavern of Corrosion. It is specifically geared toward Physical damage dealers, like Sushang or Clara.

For Planar Ornaments, you have multiple options. You could use either the Inert Salsotto, Celestial Differentiator, Space Sealing Station Sets to boost Sushang’s personal damage.

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Which of Sushang’s Stats should you boost?

Again, Sushang’s kit is all about boosting her own damage and taking down enemies one by one very quickly. Here are the stats Main Stats we recommend boosting for Sushang on her Relic Pieces.

  • Feet: Speed or Attack%
  • Body: Critcal Values
  • Sphere: Physical Damage
  • Rope: Attack%

Sushang’s Path and Element in Honkai Star Rail

Sushang is a Physical Element character who specializes in the Path of The Hunt, or single traget damage. She’ll do very well against bosses who are weak to the Physical element, and is a good character to slot into teams you may have used the Physical Trailblazer in before you switched them to the Fire Trailblazer.

Best Teammates for Sushang

Sushang will pair well with other Physical characters, particularly Natasha, who can keep her healthy through a tough fight. It’s also wise to pair her with off-element Harmony Characters, like Tingyun or Bronya, or debuffing Characters, like Pela.

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