Honkai Star Rail Clara kit, all Skill, Traces, & Eidolons

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Players who pulled Clara in Honkai Star Rail should consider themselves very lucky. She is essential a one-girl army, with the ability to taunt enemies and send damage her way for Mr. Svarog to tank. Her kit is really unique as it is more focused on follow up attacks more than anything. Clara is easily one of the best characters to level up in Honkai Star Rail.

Clara’s Skills in Honkai Star Rail

Basic Attack: I Want to Help

Deals Physical Damage based off a percentage of Clara’s Attack to a single enemy.

Percentage Scaling:

Level One: 50%

Level Six: 100%

Level Seven: 110%

Skill: Svarog Watches Over You

Deals Physical Damage based off a percentage of Clara’s Attack to all enemies. In addition, deals extra damage based off the same percentage to all enemies with the mark of Svarog on them. Removes the mark after use.

Percentage Scaling:
Level One: 60%

Level Ten: 120%

Level Twelve: 132%

Ultimate: Promise, Not Command

Ultimate reduces damage taken by Clara by a certain percentage. She also gets a great chance of being attacked for two turns. Svarog’s counter gets a damage boost by a certain percentage. Adjacent enemies will get 50% of that damage dealt to them as well.

Percentage Scaling (for damage reduction):

Level One: 15%

Level Ten: 25%

Level Twelve: 27%

Percentage Scaling (for Svarog’s counter)

Level One: 96%

Level Ten: 160%

Level Twelve: 173%

Talent: Because we’re Family

Damage taken by Clara is reduced by 10% due to Svarog’s protection. Enemies who attack Clara will get the Mark of Svarog, which causes a counterattack for a percentage of Clara’s Attack.

Percentage Scaling:

Level One: 80%

Level Ten: 160%

Level Twelve: 176%

Technique: Small Price for Victory

When Clara enters battle with this Technique, the enemies will have an addition chance of hitting Clara for two turns.

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Clara’s Traces in Honkai Star Rail


Clara will have a 35% chance to remove a debuff when attacked.

Under Protection

The possibility to avoid debuffs from Crowd Control increases by 35%


Svarog’s Counter Damage increases by 30%

Minor Traces

Attack +4

Clara’s Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

E1 (A Tall Figure)

  • Clara’s Skill will no longer remove the Mark of Svarog.

E2 (A Tight Embrace)

  • Clara’s Attack will increase by 30% for two turns after using her Ultimate.

E3 (Cold Steel Armor)

  • Skill Level gets +2, up to level 15. Basic Attack gets one extra level, up to level 10.

E4 (Family’s Warmth)

  • After Clara gets hit once, further damage gets reduced by 30% until Clara’s next turn.

E5 (A Small Promise)

  • Clara’s Ultimate gets +2 levels, up to level 15. Her Talent also gets two levels, up to Level 15.

E6 (Long Company)

  • If all other teammates get hit, Svarog gets a 50% chance to automatically trigger Mark of Svarog on the attacker. Clara will also get an extra Enhanced Counter when using her Ultimate.

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