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Honkai: Star Rail’s combat system is simple in theory, but beginners will often find themselves struggling to defeat common enemies. A turn-based system means that you need to pay more attention to every character’s stat values and strategically calibrate them to become the most efficient in battle—a chore that I’m certainly not looking forward to. One of the game’s less straightforward stats is called Effect Hit Rate. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Effect Hit Rate & how does it work in Honkai Star Rail?

Effect Hit Rate is a stat that increases your character’s chances of debuffing an enemy. Characters of the Nihility Path are able to apply debuffs to enemies, such as reducing stats like DEF and SPD or applying status effects like Freeze and Imprisonment. However, most skills are only able to apply debuffs at a low base chance. You can increase the chances of successfully debuffing enemies by increasing the caster’s Effect Hit Rate.

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In the example above, you can see that Welt has a 65 percent base chance to reduce the enemy’s SPD using his Skill. By using a Light Cone and Relics that increase Effect Hit Rate, you can likewise increase Welt’s chance to reduce the enemy’s SPD by a large margin.

However, a 100 percent Effect Hit Rate does not mean a 100 percent chance of debuffing enemies. You must consider how enemies naturally have Effect RES against certain Elements and debuffs, reducing the effectivity of your character’s Effect Hit Rate. For example, all enemies by default, will have a 20 percent Effect RES against Elements they’re not weak to.

This means that even if your Fire character has a 100 percent Effect Hit Rate, they’re not guaranteed to debuff an enemy strong against Fire. With that said, it’s possible to increase the Effect Hit Rate to over 100 percent for higher debuff chances.

Difference between Effect Hit Rate vs CRIT Rate?

Effect Hit Rate and CRIT Rate should not be confused with each other, as they’re completely different stats in Honkai: Star Rail. The difference between the two is clear as day:

  • Effect Hit Rate – increases the character’s chances of debuffing enemies
  • CRIT Rate – increases the character’s chances of landing a critical hit, which is significantly stronger than a normal hit

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