Honkai Star Rail is not the typical RPG, as it has many unique mechanics. One of these is leveling, since characters only get a tiny bit of experience from actually battling. In order to tackle some of the harder content in the game, players are going to need to use other items and strategies to level up their characters.

How should players level up their characters in Honkai Star Rail?

Since the experience gained from battling is so small in Honkai Star Rail, players will need to feed their characters specific items to raise their level. These items are as follows:

  • Traveler Encounters: gives 1,000 character experience
  • Adventure Logs: gives 5,000 character experience
  • Traveler Guides: gives 20,000 character experience

Managing these resources is how players are going to efficiently level up their character. Each character will prefer a specific level up item depending on what level they already are at. For instance, once characters arrive at level 1, they will actually grow significantly with a Traveler Encounter. It’s for this reason players might want to save up their Traveler Guides until they have a team at around level 20.

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How to farm leveling items in Honkai Star Rail

There are a couple of ways to get that steady flow of items to help level up the Trailblazer squad. The first is to simply check the menu frequently. There is an achievement system for parts of the story that players will naturally complete as they progress. These achievements often drop Traveler Encounters, Adventure Logs, and Traveler Guides.

If any players are short on these resources, Calyxes will become their best friends. Calyxes are daily missions that players can complete for quick rewards. These rewards are usually the level up items, so players should definitely stop every time they see a Calyx. The first Calyx can be found right at the beginning of Jarilo-VI.

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