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HoYoverse really went “all in” when they decided to make Qingque’s kit revolve around RNG. Relics and Warp pulls just weren’t enough, I guess. Need some help breaking down this character’s kit? Let me lay all the tiles out for you. Here’s Qingque’s kit in Honkai: Star Rail, including all of her Skills, Traces, and Eidolons.

Qingque’s Skills in Honkai Star Rail

Basic Attack: Flower Pick

Single Target—Tosses one jade tile from the suit with the fewest tiles in hand to deal Quantum Damage equal to a scaling percentage of Qingque’s Attack to a single enemy.

Blast—Deals Quantum Damage equal to a scaling percentage of Qingque’s Attack to a single enemy, and deals Quantum Damage equal to a scaling percentage of Qingque’s Attack to enemies adjacent to it. “Cherry on Top!” cannot recover Skill Points.

Percentage Scaling

  • Level One: 50% / 120% / 50%
  • Level Five: 90% / 216% / 90%
  • Level Six: 100% / 240% / 100%

Skill: A Scoop of Moon

Immediately draws two jade tiles and increases Damage by a scaling percentage until the end of the current turn. This effect can stack up to four times. The turn will not end after this Skill is used.

Percentage Scaling

  • Level One: 14%
  • Level Ten: 28%
  • Level Twelve: 30.8%

Ultimate: A Quartet? Woo-hoo!

Deals Quantum Damage equal to a scaling percentage of Qingque’s Attack to all enemies, and obtain four jade tiles of the same suit.

Percentage Scaling

  • Level One: 120%
  • Level Ten: 200%
  • Level Twelve: 216%

Talent: Celestial Jade

When an ally’s turn starts, Qingque randomly draws one tile from three different suits and can hold up to four tiles at one time. If Qingque starts her turn with four tiles of the same suit, she consumes all tiles to enter the “Hidden Hand” state. While in this state, Qingque cannot use her Skill again. At the same time, Qingque’s Attack increases by a scaling percentage, and her Basic Attack “Flower Pick” is enhanced, becoming “Cherry on Top!” The “Hidden Hand” state ends after using “Cherry on Top!”.

Percentage Scaling

  • Level One: 36%
  • Level Ten: 72%
  • Level Twelve: 79.2%

Technique: Game Solitaire

After using Technique, Qingque draws two jade tiles when the battle starts.

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Qingque’s Traces in Honkai Star Rail

Qingque’s Skills can be upgraded via the Traces Menu. This is also where you can exchange materials for bonus stat boosts and bonus abilities. These are Qingque’s Bonus Abilities.

Qingque’s First Bonus Ability: Tile Battle

Restores one Skill Point when using the Skill. This effect can only be triggered one time per battle.

Materials Required

  • Guardian’s Lament x 1
  • Key of Inspiration x 2

Qingque’s Second Bonus Ability: Bide Time

Using the Skill increases Damage Boost effect of attacks by an extra 10%.

Materials Required

  • Guardian’s Lament x 1
  • Tracks of Destiny x 1
  • Key of Knowledge x 4

Qingque’s Third Bonus Ability: Winning Hand

Qingque’s Speed increases by 10% for one turn after using the Enhanced Basic Attack.

Materials Required

  • Guardian’s Lament x 1
  • Tracks of Destiny x 1
  • Key of Wisdom x 6

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Qingque’s Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

Qingque is a four-star character that you’ll gain for free by completing the third Forgotten Hall challenge. To gain her Eidolons you’ll have to obtain extra copies of her character from the Warp system on any banner. Here are all the bonuses you can unlock by obtaining her Eidolons.

Eidolon One: Rise Through the Tiles

Ultimate deals 10% more Damage.

Eidolon Two: Sleep on the Tiles

Every time Draw Tile is triggered, Qingque immediately regenerates one Energy.

Eidolon Three: Read Between the Tiles

Ultimate Level up two, up to a maximum of Level 15. Talent Level up two, up to a maximum of Level 15.

Eidolon Four: Right on the Tiles

After this character’s Skill is used, there is a 24% fixed chance to gain Autarky, which lasts until the end of the current turn. With Autarky, using Basic Attack or Enhanced Basic Attack immediately launches one follow-up attack on the same target, dealing Quantum Damage equal to 100% of the previous Basic Attack (or Enhanced Basic Attack)’s Damage.

Eidolon Five: Gambit for the Tiles

Skill Level up two, up to a maximum of Level 15. Basic Attack Level up two, up to a maximum of Level 10.

Eidolon Six: Prevail Beyond the Tiles

Recovers one Skill Point after using Enhanced Basic Attack.

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