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Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe is not for the faint of heart but the rewards make each journey worth it. This was why I try to see just how far I can take my sessions whenever I feel confident enough about my builds. And let me tell you: World 3’s “Recommended Level: 46” is a lie and Gepard is a mean man. To get through World 3’s last hurdle, you have to prepare. A lot.

Who to bring in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 3?

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The best characters to bring in Simulated Universe World 3 are Trailblazer (Fire), Serval, and a healer like Natasha. Your fourth should be a single-enemy DPS like Hook and Dan Heng, allowing you to defeat bosses much quicker. If you don’t have Serval, you can trade 140 Undying Starlights for a copy in the Store.

Then, be sure your team is equipped with the best and highest-level relics you have. For reference, you should be prioritizing the following main stats for them:

  • Trailblazer (Fire): DEF
  • Serval: ATK
  • Healers: Check which stat their heal % are dependent on. If you’re using Natasha, it’s HP.
  • Any DPS: ATK

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If you’re looking for a setup that works, here’s the team I used to clear World 3. I recommend getting the above stats to at least 1,200. Level up your Light Cones if you haven’t.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

If you really don’t want to spend your Undying Starlights for Serval, any Lightning or Physical hero should do the trick. Gepard is weak to this element, making your battle run much faster. And if you don’t have that, well, any reliable DPS will do! Just remember that Gepard’s armor is not for show. The battle will last a long time if you don’t shock your opponent.

What Path and blessings should you choose for Simulated Universe World 3?

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Choose the Hunt Path. Hunt has blessings that boost speed and bump turn order The more turns you get, the less chance Gepard has to use his AoE. When choosing your blessings, prioritize Hunt cards and Preservation cards. Always pick combat domains when given the option for guaranteed blessings.

How to defeat Gepard in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe

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The Gepard battle is divided into three phases. Phase one is easy and straightforward enough, but phase two and three need more focus. Gepard will cast a shield over his whole team that will render all opponents immune until you can reduce the shield to 0% (you’ll see the percentage above his head).

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Then, here are all the things you need to know in order to win:

  1. Do not turn on auto battle until Gepard is alone. The AI will prioritize attacking the Cloud Knights (+AoEs) which will do no damage as long as the shield remains up.
  2. I know it’s an obvious thing but in case you missed it: attack Gepard, not the Cloud Knights, when the shield is up.
  3. Always use Trailblazer’s skill when it’s their turn. This is to taunt, reduce damage, and cast shields on every member of your team. Never use them to attack, unless Gepard is unconscious. Gepard has a nasty AoE—you’re going to thank your shields later.
  4. Save your Blessing’s Attack for phase two and three (when the shield is up). This will do the most damage to the shield.
  5. Save your party wide heals when it looks like you’re in a pinch.
  6. If any of your non-Trailblazer characters are damaged, always use your healer to restore their HP on their turn. The closer everyone is to full HP, the more prepared you’ll be for the AoE.

Once the shield goes down, you’ll actually find out that these Cloud Knights have paper-thin defenses. Eliminate them from the field and dogpile on Gepard!

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