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Let me make something clear to you, reader: If you managed to reach World 6 in the Simulated Universe, then you’re more than capable of beating it as you are. World 6 is not as difficult as World 4 or World 5 as long as go into it with the correct mindset. If you’re reading this, then that means you just need a little push to get over the World 6 hump. Well, I’ve got you covered. Let’s jump into it.

Who to bring in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 6

The greatest threat and the boss of World 6, Cocolia, has Fire, Lightning, and Quantum as her main weaknesses, so bringing characters like Seele, Hook, or Serval is ideal. Beyond her weaknesses, however, I also highly recommend you bring a strong, hard-hitting Physical damage dealer to deal with the fight’s many adds(additional enemies), including a Bronya mini-boss appearance during Phase 2.

For this, I highly bringing recommend Clara if you have her. Clara’s counterattack mechanic is a godsend here because the adds will always hit your entire team on their every turn. Otherwise, use Sushang or Physical Trailblazer to make short work of the enemies with Physical weakness. You’ll also want at least one decent shielder on your team to mitigate a lot of the excess damage going on during the fight. March 7th or Gepard are your best options.

What Path and blessings should you choose for Simulated Universe World 6?

After using several paths to clear this World, I felt that Preservation was the strongest option due to all the powerful bonuses you get for just having shields on your characters. Shields greatly reduce the amount of damage you will receive during the fight. On top of that though, the Preservation Resonance deals damage based on the amount of shields on your team.

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With that said, take as many Preservation blessings as you can as you will benefit from doing so. Most importantly, however, take the Preservation Resonance bonus blessing that makes your Resonance automatically crit. Most of the Curios are fairly optional to take, but I highly recommend taking the Robe of the Beauty, as it massive boosts your entire team’s damage just by having a large amount of stashed Cosmic Fragments.

How to defeat Cocolia in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5

The Cocolia fight in World 5 is all about being aggressive and proactive with what she throws at you. Compounding damage from multiple sources is how you lose here. In all three phases, she will be constantly spawning ice adds that will pulsate minor damage with their every turn. By themselves, they are a minor threat at best, but should still be destroyed as soon as possible as their damage with eventually add up.

Beyond that, Cocolia has two abilities you absolutely need to watch out for. One is an ice bolt attack that has a high chance to Freeze one member of your team. This can be devastating so have a cleanser on hand and ready to go. The other is a massive two-turn ice nuke that she casts starting from Phase 2. This nuke can also freeze multiple members of your team and deals massive damage. The only way to stop this ability is to Break her, so timing breaks for it is ideal. Believe me when I say that you don’t want her to get this off more than once or twice.

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The last major concern for the fight is Bronya herself, who enters the fray once Phase 2 starts. She deals heavy single-target damage, but the real threat is her ability to give Cocolia additional turns through Forwarding. In the least ideal world possible, Cocolia can start casting her ice nuke, then Bronya can forward her allowing Cocolia to cast her nuke immediately without you being able to counter it. Kill Bronya ASAP using the Physical damage dealer I recommended earlier.

If you can get Bronya down, the fight gets significantly easier and is almost an assured victory provided your team is still relatively healthy. Continue dealing damage to Cocolia, and you’ll clear World 6 with no problem at all. You got this.

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