Traces are special abilities that are unique to each character. They encompass all of a character’s Skills, Techniques, and Talents, plus additional minor stats (HP, DEF, ATK, etc.) that can make your character stronger. Here’s everything you need to know about Traces, from how to upgrade them and where to farm upgrade materials.

How to upgrade Traces in Honkai Star Rail

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Open the character menu and select Traces on the lefthand corner of the screen to view all of the corresponding character’s Traces. These can be divided into three categories:

  • Green circle – all the icons circled green above represent the Traces that every character will unlock by default. These include the Basic ATK, Skill, Ultimate, Talent, and Technique. Everything except for the Technique can be upgraded to Level 10 to 15, depending on your Eidolons.
  • Orange circle – all the icons circled orange above represent Bonus Abilities, which can be unlocked upon reaching Ascension Levels 2, 4, and 6.
  • Small circles – all the small icons that aren’t circled above represent Stat Bonuses, which can be unlocked after unlocking the Bonus Ability they branch out from, as well as reaching unique requirements (Ascension or character Level).

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To upgrade a Trace, simply click on it and either unlock or Level Up! You need to meet the Ascension or Level requirements and must shell out various materials to upgrade them.

How to farm Trace upgrade materials in Honkai Star Rail

Trace materials can be classified by their star rarity, and they can generally be farmed through the following means. For specific enemies and Calyxes, you can click on the material in your Trace menu to navigate.

  • Two-star materials
  • Three-star materials
    • Calyxes
    • Obtain from enemy drops (must meet the minimum Equilibrium Level)
    • Obtain from Simulated Universe
    • Omni-Synthesizer
  • Four-star materials
  • Tracks of Destiny
    • Nameless Honor
    • Exchange with Simulated Universe points
    • Embers Exchange
    • Event rewards

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