Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shoresthe new downloadable content for the hit RPG from the developer Gang war games Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released Patch 1.23. The update includes a variety of bug fixes for main missions, side missions, activities, general quality of life, and more.

Horizon Forbidden West new Burning beaches The expansion is now available on PlayStation. Here’s the new update announcement and a link to the full patch notes (which may include spoilers) from Guerilla’s official Twitter feed:

Horizon Forbidden West And its predecessor both set the bar pretty high, so the Burning beaches The DLC ended with somewhat mixed reviews. This relates to both the gameplay and the central romance. Some of the mechanisms didn’t quite come together, and the relationship could have been more subtle. However, there’s plenty of new content and lore, so casual fans will likely be happy.

There have been an equal share of big and small technical hiccups with Burning beaches, so the developers have rolled out a decent patch today, focusing squarely on bug fixes. Unfortunately, many updaters remained disappointed that Aerial Capture: North didn’t take the fix. The developers have responded and are actively working on it.

Besides, there are a lot of cleanups today, many of which are smartly focused on progress. There were an astonishing number of blocks, and the loss of paid content certainly needed to be a priority. Most of them deal with the main quests “To the Burning Shores” and his “Final Work”, including Seyka’s behavior.

There have also been some general performance improvements, aimed at preventing crashes and improving audio or video quality. Overall, the developers have delivered a decent update with some much needed changes since the DLC arrived a couple of weeks ago.

You can read more about Horizon Forbidden WestGuerilla Games and other AAA title patch notes by checking out the rest of our news section.

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