Amnesia: The Cryptan upcoming independent first-person horror film from developer and publisher Frictional games, just released a full ten minutes of gameplay in a new demo today. The footage basically reveals all the core mechanics and atmosphere, including the thumping music, beliefs, unique tools, and interactions.

Amnesia: The Crypt It is scheduled to be released on May 23, 2023. It will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. You can watch the full gameplay demo on the Frictional Games YouTube channel:

Amnesia: The Crypt It was originally expected to launch this past March until it was pushed back to polish, and it looks like the wait will pay off. Today’s footage is methodical, creepy, and immersive, making highly creative use of World War I settings.

The rustic visuals are naturally spooky, with every environment feeling run down, isolated, and dangerous. The game feels just as tense as its predecessors, and these sound effects are really something special. There always seems to be a feeling of weakness and hopelessness. Developers recently teased that resources would be scarce:

Amnesia: The Crypt It previously released a few small gameplay demos, such as the Monster Encounter teaser, which hint at bigger threats and may have done more than enough to win over longtime fans of the series and newcomers who enjoy the genre.

Ten minutes seems a bit long for a mystery-fueled horror game. Fortunately, today’s gameplay is surprisingly careful not to reveal too much. The pacing is just right, allowing viewers to really get invested without losing sight of the intrigue.

It’s always satisfying when a horror game simultaneously makes you want to escape while exploring, and Amnesia: The Crypt It controls the entire environment to achieve exactly that.

You can read more about Amnesia: The CryptFrictional games and other upcoming indie horror movies check out the rest of our news section.

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