The historical past of House Stark stretches again to the time of the First Men, who’d emigrated from Essos twelve millennia earlier than Aegon’s Conquest of Westeros. With just a few exceptions, the Starks of Winterfell have virtually at all times dominated the North unopposed. This household performs a significant position in Game of Thrones, which begins with Ned’s wrongful execution and ends along with his son, Bran, on the Iron Throne.

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While House Stark technically wins the War of the Five Kings, it endures a number of casualties within the course of. The surviving family members finally acquire justice for his or her murdered family members, however not earlier than enduring a ton of trauma themselves. Although Arya, Sansa, Jon, and Bran go their separate methods on the finish of the story, their hearts won’t ever be sundered.

10/10 Brandon The Builder Constructs The Wall

King Bran the Broken’s namesake, Brandon the Builder, was an essential determine throughout Westeros’ Age of Heroes. According to Northern folklore, each Winterfell and the Wall had been constructed by this quasi-fictitious character. The Wall is especially spectacular and could be thought-about one of many Ancient Wonders of George R.R. Martin’s world.

Some myths report the involvement of the Children of the Forest, which declare the Wall’s development would have required a stage of magic past human capabilities. This magnificent construction stands tall for eight thousand years till the Night King and Viserion soften it right into a puddle.

9/10 House Stark Seizes The North From The Barrow Kings

The First King was probably a legendary character and the unique ruler of the First Men in Westeros. Legend states he led his folks throughout the Arm of Dorne, an historic landbridge linking the continents of Westeros and Essos. There is not a lot historic proof this particular person existed within the first place, not to mention his alleged exploits. However, the North’s inflexible perception within the First King has saved his reminiscence alive all these years. The First King’s speedy descendants had been referred to as the Barrow Kings, and these monarchs ruled the North for hundreds of years earlier than ceding their territory to the Starks of Winterfell.

8/10 Theon Stark Defeats The Andal Invasion

Westeros consists of three major ethnicities: the First Men, the Rhoynar, and the Andals. The latter group is finest identified for invading Westeros over six thousand years in the past, sparking a battle that took one other two millennia to relax. The Andal Invasion basically reshaped the continent’s socio-cultural material, particularly after they started implementing their spiritual doctrine on the folks of Westeros.

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However, King Theon Stark defeated the invader military within the Battle of the Weeping Water earlier than slaughtering numerous Andal villages to drive his level dwelling. Consequently, House Stark is the one identified Great House to have efficiently repulsed the Andals.

7/10 Torrhen Stark Submits To Aegon Targaryen

Unlike his revered ancestor Theon, Torrhen Stark is broadly remembered because the King Who Knelt. However, what future generations fail to recall is how his give up saved House Stark and the North from sure dying by dragon hearth.

Watching Aegon Targaryen raze his enemies to the bottom, Torrhen realized he wasn’t able to sacrifice his folks simply to protect his honor. He threw his crown at Aegon’s ft, successfully ceding the North to the Targaryen Dynasty. Torrhen Stark was the primary member of his household named Warden of the North.

6/10 Ned Stark And Robert Baratheon Decimate The Targaryen Dynasty

Aerys Targaryen brutally massacred Lord Rickard Stark and his inheritor, Brandon, leaving Eddard Stark in charge of Winterfell and the North. Ned promptly joins forces along with his finest good friend Robert Baratheon, whose Rebellion in the end dethroned House Targaryen.

However, Ned Stark fails to guard Elia, Rhaenys, and Aegon from Tywin Lannister’s malevolent machinations. Robert dismisses his good friend’s moral considerations, declaring that victory is the one final result that issues in warfare. As a consequence, Ned refuses to grow to be King Robert’s Hand and returns dwelling to Winterfell (together with child Jon Snow).

5/10 Robb Stark Rallies The North Behind His Banner


Robb Stark riding his horse in Game of Thrones

The information of Ned Stark’s execution reverberates throughout Westeros, surprising each lord in each fort on the continent. Led by Robb Stark, the North rebels towards King Joffrey and the Iron Throne. Great Houses like Umber, Glover, Karstark, Bracken, Mormont, Bolton, and Tully rally behind the Young Wolf’s banner, defeating Lannister forces everywhere in the Riverlands.

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The first King within the North since Torrhen Stark’s submission, Robb is revered and admired by each his allies and his enemies. Unfortunately, Robb’s brief reign involves a brutal finish on the Red Wedding, hosted by the treacherous Walder Frey.

4/10 Arya Stark Kills The Night King

Arya Stark’s infamous List accommodates a number of names, resembling Walder Frey, Joffrey, Tywin, Polliver, Melisandre, Cersei, and the Clegane brothers. The Night King wasn’t imagined to be one in every of her victims, however Arya quickly realizes she’s the one one able to sneaking up on the overpowered villain.

Melisandre helps alleviate her paralyzing terror on the Battle of Winterfell, encouraging Arya to meet her future. Although the Night King manages to cease Arya’s assault, she easily pierces her Valyrian metal blade by means of a niche in his armor. The Night King’s destruction consequently saves Westeros from an icy apocalypse.

3/10 Jon Snow Ends Daenerys’ Tyrannical Regime

Jon Snow is clearly conflicted between his responsibility to the realm and his Queen. Although unconvinced by Tyrion’s logical answer to their issues, he realizes that killing Daenerys is the one method to defend his sisters from the Queen’s tyranny.

Jon makes an attempt to sway Daenerys’ thoughts one final time, hoping to discover a shred of compassion masked behind her fiery violence, however she stays decided to hold out her imaginative and prescient. He proclaims his timeless allegiance earlier than plunging his dagger into the Queen’s coronary heart. Jon Snow might not have the identify, however the honorable blood of House Stark undoubtedly runs by means of his veins.

2/10 Bran Stark Is Crowned King Of Westeros

Tyrion advocates Bran Stark as Daenerys’ successor, citing the younger boy’s unbelievable journey and evolution. Bran is the reminiscence of Westeros in human type, “the keeper of all [their] stories — the wars, weddings, births, massacres, famines, triumphs, [and] defeats.”

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When requested if he would willingly take up the mantle, the Three-Eyed Raven mysteriously responds with: “Why do you think I came all this way?” Brandon Stark turns into Bran the Broken, ushering in a brand new age of peace and prosperity. The story ends with the King presiding over his Small Council, a ragtag group of leaders and heroes together with Bronn, Davos, Tyrion, Brienne, and Samwell.

1/10 Sansa Stark Becomes Queen In The North

Daenerys’ assassination sends shockwaves all through the continent, however most Houses brazenly have fun the despot’s dying. With the royal line of succession now in jeopardy, a Great Council is hurriedly convened to pick out probably the most appropriate candidate for kingship (or queenship).

Sansa features a precondition whereas casting her vote, stating that “the North will remain an independent kingdom, as it was for thousands of years.” She is finally topped Queen within the North, the primary and solely lady to carry this exalted place. Sansa wished to be a woman when she grew up, however she turned out to be a warrior.

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