The following contains spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 12 “Rix Road,” which is streaming on Disney+.

Andor has delivered a well-written and consistently compelling first season, becoming the jewel in the crown of Star Wars’ aggressive expansion in the transmission of series. The season finale, “Rix Road,” was epic and action-packed, but it also set the stage for Season 2 to explore pivotal events in the early days of the Rebellion and the weakening of the Empire’s grip.

Cassian Andor has humble beginnings, but is quickly becoming a leader in the early days of the nascent uprising. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story concludes your journey, but even a story with a foregone conclusion can be incredibly compelling, as the prequel movies and Obi Wan Kenobi. Season 1 spent time exploring Cassian’s life before the Rebellion and what led him to join the fight against the Empire. It also examines the politics of the Empire, both in the Galactic Senate, through the Mon Mothma plot, and through the actions of the Imperial Security Office. Each new item that Andor presents ago Star Wars a much richer universe.

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Andor season 2 will build a new hope

The desert planet Ferrix rose up against the Empire, planting the seeds of rebellion to grow throughout the galaxy, in a manner similar to Star Wars Rebels. After Ferrix threw off his shackles in the Season 1 finale, Cassian officially joined Luthen and the fight against the Empire. Cassian’s time in Aldhani, and in the Narkina Imperial Prison Complex 5, fundamentally changed who he is. He witnessed how people sacrificed for freedom and studied Nemik’s manifesto. Season 2 can now move forward with the Rebel Alliance, with Andor fully committed to the cause.

Andor Season 2 will likely build on the events of Ferrix, and maybe even drop references to Lothal and that rogue cell. Mon Mothma will face more pressure within the Senate, until Emporer Palpatine disbands the corps entirely. Andor it could explore the establishment of the Rebellion on Yavin 4, the growing rift between its leadership and Saw Gerrera, or (virtually guaranteed) the first meeting between K-2SO and Cassian.

Ferrix will change everything for Cassian, the Rebels, and the Empire. Cassian sees that the people want to gather. For a cause, Luthen and the Rebels see the power of the people, and the Empire sees how weak it really is. Those weaknesses make the Death Star all the more important.

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Andor will end the story of the rebellion

Andor Mon Mothma

The story of the Rebel Alliance has been told from a dozen different angles, with each piece bringing something new to the table. Andor Season 2 will provide a full picture of the Rebellion’s roots. He can, in his own way, end the tale of the courageous fight against the Empire that began in 1977, Star Wars: A New Hope. Andor you can close this chapter Star Wars, and allow the franchise to grow beyond the Rebellion.

Andor it was an unknown factor; fans weren’t sure if the story could capture the imagination. However, the series could surprise everyone. Although there is still some debate between Star Wars fandom, there is no denying that the first season of Andor laid the foundation for an epic season 2 and incredible ending to Cassian’s story.

You can stream the entire first season of Andor now on Disney+.


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