Iron Man is known for many things in his comic book source material. But his massive collection of armor might be the only thing that trumps his intellect and wealth. However, one thing most fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may not realize is that Tony Stark’s massive comic book collection of armor didn’t completely translate to the big screen.

There’s only so much space even the sprawling MCU could devote to Iron Man’s suits compared to decades of comic book history. But they were still a part of Tony’s massive cinematic appeal that wasn’t attributable to Robert Downey Jr.’s charm. Of the 90 suits that appeared in the MCU, Stark wore 19, and there are some clear highlights in that relatively small sample size.

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Stark builds the Iron Man armor three times in the MCU’s seminal entry, Iron Man. Mark I, which he builds with Ho Yinsen’s help, is a relatively comic book accurate version of the armor from his first appearance by Don Heck and Jack Kirby. He uses the chunky, cobbled-together suit to escape from the Ten Rings in Afghanistan. After Stark returns home, he creates more polished versions of the armor — the Mark II and Mark III. The silver Mark II is the suit James Rhodes wears before he became synonymous with the War Machine armor, while the Mark III, with its red and gold paint job, becomes Iron Man’s iconic MCU look.

Three more iterations appear in Iron Man 2, including the Mark IV, which replaces the suit that got destroyed during Stark’s climactic fight with Iron Monger Obadiah Stane in the first film, and the Mark V, the MCU’s version of Stark’s briefcase armor from the comics. But Iron Man 2’s most notable suit was the Mark VI, which saves Stark’s life from arc reactor poisoning. It is also the first armor that makes it from one MCU entry to the next, appearing in both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. But after having enough of the Mark VI, Stark switches to the Mark VII armor in Avengers after Loki throws him off Stark Tower and wears it throughout the Battle of New York and his traumatic trip to space.

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Stark then appears alongside his Iron Legion of 35 suits in Iron Man 3. The only armor he wears, though, is the Extremis-inspired Mark 42 suit, which is controlled remotely and forms around his body. After destroying all of those models, Age of Ultron brought three new iterations, including the beloved Hulkbuster armor, which Tony uses to battle Bruce Banner’s alter ego.

The hero’s next two armors are also homages to the comics. Captain America: Civil War’s Mark XLVI is based on the Bleeding Edge armor, while the Mark XLVII armor from Spider-Man: Homecoming takes inspiration from the Ultimate Universe. Stark’s final two MCU armors, seen in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, are powered by nanotech, giving him something that is only limited by his imagination.

Despite not having every suit to appear in Marvel Comics, the MCU still did Iron Man’s armory justice. Sure, he wasn’t the armor horse of the comics, but he wore a wide variety of stylish death machines that kept toy isles nationwide very happy. And as Armor Wars and Ironheart continue Stark’s MCU legacy, it’s only fair to expect even more of the hero’s wardrobe to make an appearance.

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