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Introduced in Duviri Paradox, Orowyrm has been a looming threat to the Drifters in the Paradox. This mechanized draconic creature is a raid-like boss I knew I had to beat since I started playing the expansion. Teshin could have been more helpful in his comm messages about how we should engage the creature. But fear not; this guide will show you how to beat the great dragon!

Beating the Orowyrm Boss in Warframe Duviri Paradox explained

To Beating the Orowyrm Boss in Warframe Duviri Paradox, you must first take the Orvius, a useful glaive given to you by Teshin. Once the Spiral courtier loses control over the emotion they regulate, they will assume their Orowyrm form:

  • Lodun for Anger
  • Bombastine for Envy
  • Sythel for Fear
  • Luscinia for Sorrow
  • Mathila for Joy

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This will be a tough fight, so be sure to take all the best decrees and join a party to have an easier time beating the giant Wyrm.

First Orowyrm combat phase

Once you obtain Orvius, summon your Kaithe and take to the skies looking for the Orowyrm. When you find it, you must reach its head. You will soon notice that the Wyrm flies very quickly, so you must use the Orvius to attach yourself to the glowing points on its body. You must do this while evading entry balls that the Wyrm will fire at you.

When you get close to its head, the game will prompt you with Transfer into Orowyrm message. Press X to assume control of the Orowyrm. You will then want to destroy two towers marked on the map. Those are the Wyrm tethers. Once they are destroyed, take the Orowyrm into the portal that will appear in the sky, back to its lair. Doing so will take you to the second combat phase.

Second Orowyrm combat phase

In the second combat phase, you will fight the Orowyrm in the arena. To win, you must shoot the vulnerability points in the form of red rings around the Orowyrm’s body. The Wyrm’s health bar is divided into three parts. Once you chip off one-third of his health pool, the Wyrm will summon Dax to attack you. Deal with them and continue damaging the rings around his body until you knock off another third of his health.

At this point, The Orowyrm will summon more enemies and smaller versions of himself. During this battle, the creature will also hit you with elemental projectiles, which you should avoid. The type of damage will be based on the Orowyrm Spiral form you fight it in.

Once you kill all enemies, start attacking the rings for the third and final time to bring the Orowyrm’s health to zero. Once defeated, you will tame the Orowyrm. Loot the chest from the middle of the combat arena for rare items and talk to the temporary seller to your left before extracting. Happy hunting!

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