How to Build Ships in Starfield – Tips and Tricks


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Starfield offers us a plethora of ship customization options to suit all your space-faring needs. Thanks to its newly designed module-based ship-building system, you can purchase, customize, and even build a new ship from the ground up. But none of those options are explained well in the game, leading me to spend hours learning about the ship-building mechanics. If you’re just starting out, there are a couple of tips and tricks when building spaceships in Starfield!

How to upgrade and build spaceships in Starfield – 10 things you need to know

10 – Purchasing ships in Starfield

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When visiting any major city, you can find a ship service technician. This fellow will be able to repair and modify your starter ship and sell you a pre-made ship in a specific configuration. They usually excel in only one area, like cargo hauling, or are built for speed. I found that it’s a pricey option but good enough for a start, especially if you still don’t know what you’re looking for in a ship. Of course, modifying these variants is also an option; just press the Modify ship button once you make a purchase.

9 – Upgrading your ships in Starfield

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Of course, modifying the off-the-shelf variants is also an option; just press the Modify ship button once you make a purchase. This menu will allow you to replace any part already installed onto the ship for a higher-quality version, and it will instantly switch it out for you, so you won’t have to bother yourself with positioning.

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8 – One reactor per ship in Starfield

When building your ship from scratch in Starfield, remember that there are certain limitations in place that you have to follow. I learned this the hard way after wasting time trying to build a ship that didn’t adhere to these rules. Like for example, you can only have one reactor per ship, so trying to avoid the energy limitations by slapping on an additional reactor isn’t feasible.

7 – Understanding the reactor and module class in Starfield

All ships in Starfield have a class, and the reactor and module are what that classification is based on. Here is the class explanation sorted by each existing class:

  • Class A: Smaller, more maneuverable ships. Your first ship will be classed as A. They are quite mobile, but that’s all they have going on. They got low firepower due to the reactor being unable to dish out enough power.
  •  Class B: This class is mid-tier between the A class and the big ones from the C class. You can find some usable ships here because they have the best balance. You must have the Piloting rank 3 to pilot ships from this class.
  •  Class C: This is the heaviest class of ships. They tend to have superior firepower and size at the expense of mobility. You must have the Piloting rank 4 to pilot ships from this class.

6 – Matching reactor classes with modules in Starfield

When building ships in Starfield, you must match module class to be the same or lower than your reactor class. Modules such as weapons and other parts have class. To use a class A module, any kind of reactor will do since there is no class lower than A. But that also means you are probably getting an underperforming module. On the other hand, if you fancy having a C-class laser on your ship, you must have a class C reactor running to maintain it.

5 – How weapon modules work in Starfield

When building a ship in Starfield, you must have up to three types of weapon modules. You must also assign them to three groups, and each group will determine what weapons will be firing in tandem. You can assign different weapons to a single group, such as a pulse canon and a laser, but they will still fire together when you press the Mouse 1 key, for example. I prefer to have weapons grouped by category so I can fire my laser battery on one key to get the enemy shields down while firing missiles on another to damage their hull directly.

4 – Shield module limitation in Starfield

When building a ship in Starfield, you have a limitation of only being able to install one shield module at a time. The same applies to the generator on your ship, so to upgrade it, you will need to purchase a higher-quality version of it.

3 – Attaching ship modules correctly in Starfield

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All modules must be attached to snap points to attach the ship modules correctly when building a ship in Starfield. They are marked by the blue square and circle shapes, with a dot in the middle. To place an object to a snap point, select an object and place it in the area that turns green. Note that you must be in the shipbuilder menu to place modules freely; you can’t do so from the ship modification menu, even tho they look the same.

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2 – Mobility and errors when building a ship in Starfield

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To see if your ship build is feasible and optimal, use the Flight check button on Starfield’s bottom right of the shipbuilder menu. This check will let you know if you have any errors or warnings in your build, so ensure you use this option frequently to avoid wasting time on a build that can’t function.

1 – Docker module placement in Starfield

Your docker module must be at the outermost point of your ship when customizing your build in Starfield. While it may seem logical at first since you will need to approach flush to another ship to dock it, I sometimes forgot it as I lost myself in my outlandish ship designs.

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