Gritty medieval RPG Wartales sees you exploring an open world and taking on quests while crafting new gear and leveling up your party. The turn-based combat can be brutal, as you take on everything from wild animals and ghostly creatures to desperate bands of bandits. But it isn’t always the best strategy to kill everything in your path. Here we’ll talk about how to instead capture prisoners and animals in Wartales.

Wartales: Capturing animals and prisoners

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To capture an animal or prisoner in Wartales, you’re going to need to enter a battle with them. However, before that, you’re going to need the correct equipment to hold your captives. This means buying or making chains for prisoners, and rope (five for a bear, three for a wolf) to hold animals. If you’re capturing prisoners, go to any Jail and buy chains plus the Stocks blueprint. These can be built at your camp to ensure any prisoners you capture don’t escape.

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How to stun an enemy in Wartales

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Once in battle, you need to have the target engaged by one of your companions and for the target to be on less than 50 percent health. Next, another of your party (not the one engaged to the target) needs to be adjacent to the target (to the back or side) and still have their basic attack available for that combat round. It doesn’t matter what their profession is.

If you’ve met all these criteria, you’ll have the option to Stun come up on the action bar along with a percentage chance of success. If you succeed, prisoners such as Deserters and Bandits can then be handed in for bounties at a Jail, or recruited, while Bears and Wolves make excellent pets.

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