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Are you looking for the Froggy Armor to be able to climb wet and icy surfaces easily in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? I certainly don’t have the time or the resources to always make Sticky Elixirs. If you want that Armor though, you’re going to have to complete some quests for Penn with the Lucky Clover Gazette.

One of the first quests you’ll complete for him can be found at the Tabantha Bridge Stable, which you likely stopped at on your way to the Gazette. It’s called White Goats Gone Missing, and it tries to fool you with a bit of a red herring. Here’s how to do it.

How to start White Goats Gone Missing in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To start this quest, you’ll need to have already started Potential Princess Sightings by talking to Penn and Traysi. Once Penn takes off for his destinations, you can find him in the empty goat pen at Tabantha Bridge Stable. He’ll report that some goats have gone missing, and Princess Zelda appears to be connected.

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Talk to Chork, who will tell you there was a recipe that Princess Zelda created using Hylian Pine Cones, but the recipe was “carried away by the wind.” In the meantime, he’s been trying to make the recipe as best he can, but he needs to get proper food to get his goats back.

The wind comment is the Red Herring. I searched around the nearby windy Canyon for an hour before I noticed an unusual amount of pine cones nearby the empty pen.

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In fact, those pine cones make a trail. And those pine cones leads to a pack of naughty goats who took off with the recipe. You can reference the map above. The exact location of the goats are at the coordinates -2562, 0414, 0150. However, I’d recommend you simply follow the pine cone trail, as you can pick them up as you go for later use.

After you find the Goats you’ll get a short and sweet thank you, along with 50 Rupees to boot. That, and you are one more step closer to the Froggy Armor.

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