Trying to make items added with updates for Minecraft is tricky business, as I learned by playing nearly every major update for the game. One such item that is hard to make is a hanging sign alongside torchflower seeds in Minecraft 1.20. Luckily, we at PGG are committed to providing well-researched guides for players like you.

How to craft and use a Hanging Sign in Minecraft

To craft a hanging sign in Minecraft, you need at least two iron chains and over six stripped wood log blocks. Once you have all materials, you can craft the hanging sign by placing the resources using the pattern shown below:

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

After crafting a hanging sign, you can use it by placing it under blocks with an open space below it. A good example would be a tree like the one in our screenshot below:

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

How to get stripped wood log blocks in Minecraft

To get stripped wood log blocks, you must walk up to any tree and right-click with an axe equipped. Right-clicking on a tree will strip the bark of the tree, allowing you to break the block for a stripped wood log block. You can later use these stripped wood log blocks to make a hanging sign.

How to make iron chains in Minecraft

To make iron chains in Minecraft, you must melt iron bars into iron nuggets. Once you have several iron nuggets, you can make the iron chains using at least two nuggets and one iron bar. Place all materials in the following order shown below to make a iron chain in Minecraft:

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