Your ship is your best friend in Starfield. You can do everything with your ship, from exploring the galaxy to stealing other ships. In the initial hours of your Starfield journey, you’ll have to dock your ship, be it for quest or just exploration. At first, I was confused about how to perform this action, but it’s incredibly straightforward.

How to dock into another ship or staryard in Starfield

Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

In Starfield, you can dock your ship into other ships and space stations such as the Deimos Staryard and The Clinic. After you’ve identified your target, follow the steps below to learn how to dock:

  • Aim towards the ship and press the select target input (E on keyboard and A on controller). This will scan the target in your crosshairs and display its name.
  • Get within 500 meters range of the ship and the option to dock will appear.
  • Hold down the dock input (R on keyboard and X on controller). You’ll then go through a small animation of docking into the target vessel.

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How to board another ship in Starfield

Screenshot by Steam Game Guides

Once docked, you can board the other ship or staryard by holding down X on either input device. This will take you to the target vessel that you can explore. To undock, simply hold down the Spacebar on keyboard and Y on controller.

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