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Despite how brutal it may sound, many players can agree that the killing blow, assassination, or execution moves can be the most satisfying part of an experience. For me, these smooth animated sequences truly make the experience feel immersive and allow you, for a moment, to feel like a true warrior. Rogue Demon has so many different execution animations, which you can buy with Rogue Coins, but first, you’ll have to build up points by learning a simple killing blow first.

How to execute in Rogue Demon

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An execution in Rogue Demon is the last blow you deliver to an enemy to eliminate them. You can only perform this action when the player’s health is at 2% or 3% and unconscious on the ground. Once your enemy is down, walk over to them and press B. This will automatically trigger an animation to begin, which kills your enemy completely, making them respawn. Specific Breathing Styles have their own executions and won’t require you to press B at all.

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How to execute in mid-air in Rogue Demon

You can execute enemies mid-air as well; however, this is just a fun little trick you can perform and isn’t really necessary to do every time. To complete a mid-air execution, you’ll need to pick up your downed enemy by approaching their fallen body and pressing V to pick them up. Now you can carry them anywhere you like.

To do the mid-air execution, you’ll want to carry them to the top of a hill with a ledge. Then, jump off the ledge, press V again to let go, and then immediately press B to trigger the execution while in the air. You’ll need to be quick to get it right and ensure you remain close to the body. If you stay close to the ledge as well, you can hop back to safety after performing the execution and watch their block body fall.

How to change your Execution Effect in Rogue Demon

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You can change up your Execution Effect by purchasing different animations that play when you press B to perform the execution. To purchase more effects, you’ll need to build up your executions by going out and defeating enemies. You will progressively earn enough to continue upgrading it to more thrilling animations. Once you have enough executions, head to any of the Swordsmiths around the map and hold E on them to open the Shop. You’ll find all the available options under the Execution Effects tab.

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