How to Find a Way into Research and Development in Starfield (Sabotage Quest)


In Starfield’s Sabotage quest, you’re tasked by Ryujin Industries to infiltrate the Infinity LTD building on a secretive mission. The objective is to hack a few computers and steal a prototype, ideally without triggering the security and killing anyone. This is a multi-step process and I’ve demonstrated it in detail with images, from the very beginning. Before entering, make sure to bring some Digipicks.

How to reach Research and Development – Sabotage Quest

Turn off the fan and sabotage the heating system

  1. After you’re inside the Infinity LTD building, take the elevator to the Roof Access.
  2. Manipulate the guard to turn off the fan using the neuro implant you received recently. Once the fans have stopped, jump down.
  3. Go through the dark passageway and turn left towards the blue indicator.
  4. Use the Maintenance System computer to sabotage the heating system. Turning on the heating system will evacuate the building so there are fewer people to worry about.

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Run the program on Lucas’ Computer

  1. After using the computer, turn back and open the vent shown in the first image. Go inside the air vent and jump down the opened hatch onto the platform.
  2. Now, go toward the indicator I’ve shown in the second picture. This is where you can hack Luca’s Computer, after which you can proceed to the Research and Development wing.
  3. Carefully walk on the platform to reach Lucas’ Office and jump down onto the floor without alerting nearby guards. Unlock the door using a Digipick and go inside.
  4. Use a Digipick to unlock Lucas’ Computer and run the Overseer Program to install the virus.

Find a way into Research and Development

  1. Go back outside Lucas’ Office and jump over the railing onto the hidden platform.
  2. Reach the vent on the other side of the room, the one I’ve shown in the second image.
  3. This will lead you to the restroom, outside which there’ll be some guards.
  4. I couldn’t find any way to sneak past them, so I quickly ran past them to the other side of the office and turned left.
  5. Jump onto the stairs as I’ve shown in the fifth picture.
  6. Now jump over onto the secret platform.
  7. You’ll see a vent right in front of you. Go inside the vent and you’ll find yourself in the elevator shaft. Jump down and you’ll reach the Research and Development wing.

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