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During the Surgical Strike quest for the Freestar Collective faction in Starfield, you’re tasked to visit The Clinic staryard to find out where Maya Cruz is hiding. After interrogating two innocent patients, you’ll be asked to gain entry to the VIP Wing of the medical center. This access this locked area, you’ll need to get the VIP Wing Keycard from Titus Cassidy.

Gain Entry to the VIP Wing – Surgical Strike Starfield

There are three different ways you can approach this objective:

  • Use your Medicine perk to convince Titus Cassidy.
  • Persuade Titus Cassidy.
  • Steal the VIP Wing Keycard from Cassidy’s office safe.

Use your Medicine perk to convince Titus Cassidy

If you have unlocked the Medicine skill, you’ll get an extra dialogue choice. Use this option (first image) and the doctor will instantly hand you over the VIP Wing Keycard without any fuss. If you haven’t acquired this skill yet, I suggest you do so from the skill tree (P) if you have an extra skill point. It’s a very useful perk that increases your healing abilities.

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Persuade Titus Cassidy

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You can persuade Dr. Titus Cassidy to give you the VIP Wing Keycard, however, it will not be that easy. You’ll have to make the correct choices to earn his trust, most likely by telling him that you care about people’s lives and want to catch a murderer. I’d suggest you save the game before persuading him as you can always start from the beginning if you fail.

Steal the VIP Wing Keycard from Cassidy’s office safe

The third and final way to gain entry to the VIP Wing is by stealing the keycard from the doctor’s office. Follow the indicator on your screen to reach the office where you’ll find a locked safe behind the desk. Approach it and start lockpicking (E) using your Digipick.

If you’re having any trouble picking the lock, refer to the images I’ve shown above to get the safe unlocked. Once the safe is open, make sure to grab the VIP Wing Keycard from there. Now you can head to the VIP Wing for the next step, but beware of the turret and mine traps inside.

Where to Search for Clues – Surgical Strike Starfield

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Although this is the next objective in the mission, I’m mentioning it here as I had some trouble finding the clues. If you’re checking the computer inside the patient’s room, let me save you some time by telling you the clue isn’t there. Simply go to the table next to the bed and take the Urgent Read Immediately Slate to complete this task.

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