One fairly big debate right now in the AOPG community is whether Electro V2 or Garb is the best fighting style in the game. Lots of gamers are absolutely loving Electro V2 because of the immense stats that it gives as well as its large moveset. As a rare fighting style, though, it’s locked behind several difficult tasks.

How can players get Electro V2 Fighting Style in A One Piece Game (AOPG) – Roblox?

To get the elusive Electro V2 Fighting Style in AOPG, players are going to need to head to the Third Sea. More specifically, they need to go to new Zou, which is the huge island that rests on top of an elephant. At new Zou, players will meet Pedro, an NPC that gives the Electro V2 Fighting Style. Pedro, however, has four requirements for the fighting style, and those are as follows:

  • 75 Billion Beli
  • Mink V2 Awakened
  • A Strength Stat of at least 4.7k
  • Three Awakened Kaido kills
  • Four Moon Fragments

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By far, the toughest requirement out of these would be getting the three Awakened Kaido Kills. It takes a long time just to earn one of these kills. Therefore, I highly recommend that gamers set out a couple hours to tackle this requirement.

As for collecting the moon fragments, there are two ways to find them. The first involve unlocking Tamatebako chests, but the second and more reliable way is to get drops from killing the bosses on the new Zou island.

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