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The Idol of Yun’Shul relic allows you to grant any wish from Yun’Shul, and you can make the wish anywhere and whenever you want. It’s a great item if you are looking for some specific things, but how can you get this relic? This Deepwoken guide will help you get the Idol of Yun’Shul relic in the game.

How can you obtain the Idol of Yun’Shul relic in Deepwoken?

To obtain the Idol of Yun’Shul relic, you must defeat certain world bosses in Deepwoken and loot it from them, similar to Smith’s Alloy relic. But there is no guarantee you will get the relic every time, so there is a small chance you might get your hands on the Idol of Yun’Shul relic.

If you want to know what bosses you have to defeat to have a chance of getting this relic, here is a list of all of them.

  • Duke Erisia
  • The Ferryman
  • Primadon

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You can choose any of these bosses and head to them to get the relic. You have to defeat them and loot the rewards from their chest, which is where you might end up with an Idol of Yun’Shul relic. You could also get the Idol of Yun’Shul relic from Layer 1 chests in Hellmode. It might take a few tries and boss fights, but once you get your hands on the relic, it will be worth all your trouble.

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