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The Demon Slayer inspired Roblox experience Rogue Demon invites users like you and I to become the strongest in the world and take down everyone who’s against us—whether this means working as a Slayer and protecting all that exists, or turning toward the path of evil and fighting as a Demon, the choice is ours. Those who have chosen to learn from the Demon Slayer Corps may have heard of Love Breathing—a mysterious breathing style that, at the time of this article’s publication, is still in its early access form and is highly regarded as being one of the best in the experience. So, how do you use this breathing style? Continue reading below to learn more.

How to unlock Love Breathing in Rogue Demon

As mentioned above, Love Breathing is still in early access, meaning it cannot be used by just anyone. To gain the ability to use this breathing style before its official release, you’ll need to pay a hefty fee—300 Robux to be exact—and purchase the Early Access gamepass. With this gamepass, you’ll be allowed access to all current and future demon arts and breathing styles, even in their “in progress” states.

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Is Love Breathing OP in Rogue Demon?

As of now, no, Love Breathing is surprisingly not OP, and seems to be pretty balanced! Its attacks are strong but not ridiculous, and it challenges the user to actually engage in the fights they take part in. It seems one of the biggest complaints players have about this breathing style at the moment (including myself) is that it’s easily blockable. Though, this isn’t always a bad thing!


That’s it for this quick guide on how to get Love Breathing in Rogue Demon. Once this breathing style moves out of early access, every player will be able to use it and the Robux paywall will be removed.

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