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While there are many ways to play your way through Baldur’s Gate 3, loot is always on the agenda. Whether you’re plowing headlong into battles, using diplomacy and lies to tread a diplomatic path, or sneaking and thieving between locations, you’ll want boosts to your stats. No matter which path you take you’re likely to need some healing along the way, so a cleric such as Shadowheart will likely be in your party. If so, especially early in the game, equipping her with Luminous Armor is a great help. Read on for how to get it in BG3.

Luminous Armor – How to get in BG3

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You’ll find the Luminous Armor in the Selûnite Outpost, which is an area of the Underdark. There are a variety of ways to get to the Selûnite Outpost, but by far the easiest way I’ve found to get there is to access it from the Goblin Camp. Once there, head into the Shattered Sanctum (1, on the map above) and through the door that leads from the chambers of Priestess Gut, into the Defiled Temple (2, above). Follow the passage out of the temple (3, above) and down the ladder. This leads straight into the Selûnite Outpost.

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If you’ve come in this way, you’ll be in a small room with some stairs leading down in front of you and two gates to your left and right. Lockpick the gate on the right, go inside, and search until you find a secret path in the wall. Once found, simply click it to open it.

Alternatively, head down the stairs and to your right into the room containing an Ancient Sigil fast travel point. If facing the sigil, the secret room is up and to your right. Use any means necessary to get up there, including stacking crates if necessary. The Luminous Armor is in the Opulent Chest. The chest is both trapped and locked, so be careful.

Guide to Luminous Armor – Baldur’s Gate 3

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At first glance, I didn’t think too much of the Luminous Armor. It is uncommon medium armor with an AC of 15 and weighing nine, with the usual +2 Dexterity bonus limit. However, the armor also gives the wearer the following ability: 

  • Radiating Shockwave: When the wearer deals Radiant damage, they cause a Radiant Shockwave. Inflict Radiating Orb in a 3m/10ft radius.

If you’re playing a cleric, or have Shadowheart in our party, this is one of the most powerful abilities you’ll find for them in Chapter 1. It will still be strong well into Chapter 2 as well, if not further. 

It means that when you deal Radiant Damage (Guiding Bolt, Radiance of the Dawn, and especially Spirit Guardians), you also launch an AOE that reduces enemy attack roles by -1 for each Radiating Orb that lands on them. Better still these orbs stack, which can be a great help in larger battles.

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