How to get Mantis Armor in Starfield


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Collecting the best gear for your character doesn’t always have to be done through different vendor locations. In fact, you can sometimes get the very best gear from completing random missions or exploring places you come across. The Mantis set is one of those Legendary space suits you’re not going to want to miss out on, and it comes with a unique quest line that you can come across completely by chance. Keep reading below for a step-by-step on how to get this set for yourself!

Where to get Mantis Space Suit in Starfield

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Starting the “Mantis” quest can happen at different times for each player because it is tied to an item you pick up in the world. You’ll find the “Secret Outpost!” slate by chance on any Spacer’s body after battling them. This slate will trigger the beginning of the quest by telling you the location of this ‘secret outpost.’ To find a Spacer, you’ll want to try and explore different abandoned outposts or staryards. I found some back on Nova Galactic Staryard in the Sol system.

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After reviewing the slate, you’ll be guided to the Denebola I-b moon, which is home to the secret outpost. This is a recommended 30+ location, meaning the enemies are bound to be pretty difficult, especially if you aren’t quite as high of a level yet. I was able to do this at a lower level, but I would suggest saving very often and bringing plenty of healing.

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How to solve the Mantis floor puzzle in Starfield

Navigating through the base is fairly easy, besides fighting off plenty of Spacers. You’ll want to follow your quest marker and listen to all the proper recordings you come across, explaining the purpose of the base. The main obstacle to continuing through the base is the floor puzzle you come across.

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After speaking to Livvey, you’ll know that you need to spell out a word by stepping on the proper floor tiles, each marked with a different letter. If you step on the wrong letter, you will be shot repeatedly by automated turrets and probably die fairly quickly. If you have a high enough lockpicking skill, you can attempt to hack the computer right before the puzzle floor. Otherwise, this may seem like a very challenging task, considering there are so many letters and so many words it can spell out. However, you were given a clue in one of the recordings: the Latin phrase “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” This happens to have the exact word you need to spell out. So, step on the tiles in this order: T-Y-R-A-N-N-I-S.

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After completing the floor puzzle, you’ll come across some more difficult enemies to fend off, including some powerful robots. Keep following the tunnels through, and eventually, you’ll come to the main hanger of the base, which is the Mantis’ base of operations. You’ll have to flip a switch to raise up the spaceship on the platform, and then you head over to claim your suit.

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You’ll find the armor displayed in a room off the side, and you interact with the mannequin to take it all. Along with the armor, be sure to look around at all the loot containers. There are plenty of Expert locks to crack, potentially hiding some worthwhile loot inside. I would recommend training up your lockpicking skills before heading here.

After you loot up, use the elevator for a shortcut back to the entrance. Outside on the landing platform, you’ll also be able to claim the Mantis ship, the Razorleaf. This was personally my favorite reward for the whole mission and well worth the amount of times I died to high-level Spacers. Now, you can take your loot and fly away into the sunset.

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