How to get Pathos Clamp in Warframe

Pathos Clamps are an extremely important resource added with the Duviri Paradox update. Their value is due to the various different items that require them in some way. Unlike most other resources, they are obtained through a very specific method and cannot be obtained anywhere else, in any other way. Fortunately, Pathos Clamps are not extremely difficult to obtain. Here’s how to get your hands on Pathos Clamps in Warframe.

Where to get Pathos Clamps in Warframe?

Pathos Clamps are a drop from the Orowyrm that constantly terrorizes Duviri from the skies above. As such, you’ll need to kill the Orowyrm to get your hands on them. The Orowyrm is the newest boss fight added to Warframe through the Duviri Paradox update. It is not very difficult, but it does demand your attention and respect so that you do not get humbled by it.

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What are Pathos Clamps used for?

Pathos Clamps are a key resource in acquiring the new set of Drifter weapons and in upgrading your outdated Warframe weapons via the Incarnon Genesis system. For both of these tasks, you will need a lot of Pathos Clamps. Running Spirals in the Duviri Paradox is the best way to earn Pathos Clamps because they typically end with you forced to destroy the Orowyrm. Still, the process is time-consuming, so be prepared to grind it out for a bit.

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