Unlike many of the other natural resources found on Duviari, Silphsela is actually pretty difficult to find normally. If you don’t where to look, or what to look for, you could be searching Duviri all day long without even realizing you’re just barely missing it Thankfully, we’ve found our share of Silphsela and can give you a bit of intel to make your search for this elusive sunflower a lot easier. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Silphsela in Warframe.

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Where to get Silphsela in Warframe

We’ve discovered that Silhpsela is the name of the resource you need, but not the name of the plant from which it comes. You’re looking for Sun Silph on the surface of Duviri. These are plants that look extremely similar to that of a sunflower. They have a unique, pulsating glow that differs from that of Kovik and can easily be seen while flying around Duviri. They can also be found floating a ways off the ground when a Spiral is about to undergo a change.

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Sun Silph seems to grow most commonly around the western edges of Duviri, around Upperhaven, Royalstead Pastures, The Citadel, Mathila’s Farm, Moriari Crossing, and Primrose Village. It is possible there are other locations where this unique flower can be found, but we’ll let you know with a prompt update here.

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