How to get the Crane Control Room Key in Warzone 2 DMZ


The Al Mazrah map featured in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ has various locked spaces and loot caches that you can only access via their specific keys. While all these keys can be found randomly as loot items, you can acquire some by completing specific faction missions in the game. In this guide, I’ve mentioned how you can easily acquire the Crane Control Room key in DMZ.

How to get the key to Crane Control Room in DMZ

The Crane Control Room Key can be acquired as a reward for completing the following missions:

Alternatively, you can always use a Skeleton Key to unlock the Crane Control Room when needed.

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Where to find the Crane Control Room in DMZ

Image by Pro Game Guides

The Crane Control Room is located in Al-Safwa Quarry, a major POI in north-western Al Mazrah by the edge of the map. The exact location of the structure has been marked on the map above. You can unlock the room using its key and access the loot inside, but I recommend that you save it for later. That’s because one of the White Lotus Tier 3 Missions, Unearthed, requires you to open the Crane Control Room and extract a document from there, which you can only do if you have this key.

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