In a continuing trend, Blizzard is giving away the once exclusive World of Warcraft Trading Card Game mounts and cosmetics, like the Goblin Weather Machine, for free through Twitch Drops. Here’s how to claim your Ethereal Portal item free of charge.

How to get the free World of Warcraft Ethereal Portal

The Twitch Drop begins May 2 and runs until May 9, so players will have a full week to watch a World of Warcraft streamer to get the drop. If you haven’t participated in Twitch Drops before, getting signed up is simple. All anybody has to do to claim the drops is sign into their account and click on the connection link for Twitch. Players will then sign into their Twitch account to finish the process and be eligible for the drops. The rewards will be available in the player’s in-game collection after doing this step.

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If you’ve gotten drops for World of Warcraft in the past, then this step is all done and all you’ll have to do is watching a streamer for four hours. Channels that are participating in the Drops promotion will be labeled as having Drops Enabled at the bottom of their stream.

What World of Warcraft streamers to watch for Twitch Drops

There are a lot of fun World of Warcraft streamers to watch, and Asmongold is certainly the most popular of the bunch. Many viewers gravitate to him since he’s at the top of the directory and all they want are drops, but there are some streamers who you can learn to play the game at a high level from.

Yumytv and Dorki are good choices to watch if you’re trying to learn how to play a healer or tank at a higher level. The two often play together with Yumytv playing a healer while Dorki plays a tank. The pair frequently stream high M+ keystones, so there’s a lot to pick up on for somebody looking to push their game.

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