Emblems are one of the first things fellow Guardians will see when joining a fireteam. They’re a great way to show off one’s personality while also being something else to chase in Destiny 2. These emblems are obtained in a variety of ways with some being earned for completing specific content while others are just freebies from Bungie itself. Here’s how to add the Hope Eater emblem to your collection.

Where to get the Hope Eater emblem in Destiny 2

The Hope Eater Emblem is part of the Crota’s End raid which was reprised in Season 22, Season of the Witch. It can be obtained by guiding 10 Guardians through the raid and then claiming it from Bungie Rewards. For every Guardian in your fireteam that hasn’t completed Crota’s End, you’ll earn one “guide.”

The quickest way to do this would be to create a Crota’s End teaching run in the LFG section of the Bungie app. Note that you’ll be teaching the encounters to other Guardians and the runs will take longer than usual. Patience is a requirement, not a suggestion.

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The Hope Eater emblem is one that will be trickier to obtain as Bungie definitely increased the difficulty of the Crota’s End raid in comparison to Root of Nightmares. Like every other run, the mechanic is built upon with each encounter. Unlike many previous raids, Crota’s End requires nearly every fireteam member to pull their weight. This will make being a sherpa a little tricky if there are a large number of new Guardians in the run. However, the trouble is well worth it as the Hope Eater emblem looks utterly amazing.

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