The World of Warcraft Trading Post have given players plenty to do each month, and completing enough tasks earns some exclusive loot. The Savage Green Battle Turtle is up for grabs in May, and here’s how to get your hands on it.

How to get the Savage Green Battle Turtle mount in WoW

The Savage Green Battle Turtle is the headliner of May’s Trading Post, and players aren’t going to want to miss out on this one as mounts are some of the sought-after pieces of loot in World of Warcraft. Filling up the Activity Bar found in your Adventurer’s Log will unlock this mount for you, and if you play your cards right it shouldn’t take very long to complete.

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Doing tasks like opening up doors in the Zskera Vault and completing Grand Hunts will earn points, so a lot of the bar can be filled by just playing the game as you normally would. May’s also when the much-anticipated 10.1 update drops in Dragonflight, so there will be a lot of players coming back to check out the new content and seeing the turtle waiting for them.

What are the May Trading Post rewards in World of Warcraft?

While the turtle mount is the big draw for May, there are other cosmetics players can unlock by spending their Trader’s Tender. These include weapon and armor cosmetics as usual, but there’s also a pet up for grabs. Here’s a look at everything for sale.

  • Pippin (Pet) – 600 Trader’s Tender
  • High Priestess’s Ceremonial Drape (Cloak) – 50 Trader’s Tender
  • Huntsman’s Recurve Bow (Bow) – 50 Trader’s Tender
  • Sharpened Shank (Dagger) – 50 Trader’s Tender
  • Ensemble: Vagabond’s Snowy Threads (Hood and Cloak) – 100 Trader’s Tender
  • Ensemble: Wanderer’s Snowy Trappings (Hood and Cloak) – 100 Trader’s Tender
  • Sunbleacher Grimskull Cinch (Belt) – 100 Trader’s Tender
  • Well-Worn Grimskull Cinch (Belt) – 100 Trader’s Tender
  • Merciless Trapper’s Staff (Staff) – 150 Trader’s Tender
  • Crimson Bicorne (Helm) – 175 Trader’s Tender
  • Black Iron Blunderbuss (2-Hand Rifle) – 200 Trader’s Tender
  • Lost Crown of the Arcane (Helm) – 200 Trader’s Tender
  • Tiercel’s Wing (1-Hand Sword) – 200 Trader’s Tender
  • Fang of the Mountain (1-Hand Sword) – 400 Trader’s Tender
  • Ensemble: Kvaldir Scout Leathers (Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Belt, Pants, Boots, Bracer, Gloves) – 750 Trader’s Tender
  • Ensemble: Vestment of the Honored Valarjar (Helm, Shoulder, Robe, Belt, Pants, Boots, Bracer, Gloves, Cloak) – 850 Trader’s Tender

None of the items on sale are going to come with an item level, but instead they are simply cosmetics players can use to transmog their gear with. Players looked to live out a pirate theme won’t want to miss the Crimson Bicorne or the Black Iron Blunderbuss, but anyone putting the time in will be able to get just about everything.

Each month players are given 500 Trader’s Tender, so there’s a decent amount of stuff that can be bought right off the bat, but then they’ll have to complete activities in the Traveler’s Log to get more. A total of 500 additional Tender can be earned, so players do have make some sacrifices as they can’t get it all unless they freeze an item that makes it show up as a reward for the next month.

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