Slap Battles is one the most unique and funny games in the Roblox universe. The gameplay revolves around acquiring various types of gloves with different powers and using them to battle against other players/NPC. On that note, a glove being the current buzz of the town due is the Sparky gloves. Its popularity is mainly associated with its flashy appearance and unique perk abilities. To get the Sparky gloves in Roblox Slap Battles, you must acquire the Incredible Running Badge, which will automatically unlock the Sparky glove.

How to unlock the Incredible Running Badge in Slap Battles – Roblox

To unlock the Incredible Running Badge in Roblox Slap Battles, you must get hit by the Overkill gloves while running at him at top speed using your Dream gloves with Reaper and Conveyor gloves effects passively running through your body. To put the above words in motion, follow the given steps.

  • Firstly, equip the Dream gloves on your character and hop to a VIP or any empty public server with three of your friends. Ask these friends to wear the ReaperConveyor, and Overkill each.
  • After getting inside a server, tell the Overkill glove player to stand on one edge of the map and the Reaper on the other end with the Conveyor guy at the center
  • First, get hit by Reaper and then by the Conveyor at the center, with both effects passively running through your body. Now, use the speedrun ability of your Dream glove and get slapped by the Overkill glove to die and unlock the Incredible Running Badge. 

How to obtain the Sparky Gloves in Slap Battles – Roblox

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After unlocking the Incredible Running Badge, visit the main Slap Battles lobby, and you will find the Sparky gloves near the Boogie glove.

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