Having the strongest, rarest, and coolest pets is one of the most, if not the most, alluring parts of Pet Simulator X, and many players will do just about anything to get their hands on them. From remaining in-game for numerous hours, to paying real money for toys that have exclusive codes—the lengths that players will go to get their hands on a special pet can be pretty wild. In the case of the limited-time-only Titanic Nightmare Cat pet, hopeful players will need a hefty amount of Robux in their pockets, and a whole ‘lotta luck.

How to unlock the Titanic Nightmare Cat pet in Pet Simulator X

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The Titanic Nightmare Cat pet can be hatched from the Exclusive Nightmare Egg, which is purchased from the in-game Exclusive Store for 400 Robux. Each time you purchase and open one of these eggs, there’s a very, very, very small chance the Titanic Nightmare Cat pet will hatch from it—0.05% to be exact. The other pets that can be hatched from this egg are listed below, along with their respective odds.

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  • Nightmare Spirit = 50%
  • Nightmare Bear = 35%
  • Nightmare Kraken = 13%
  • Huge Nightmare Spirit = 1.25%
  • Huge Nightmare Kraken = 0.7%
  • Titanic Nightmare Cat = 0.05%

If you’re able to hatch this exclusive pet, we send you congrats, and a reminder to check your RAP, which goes up every time you an add exclusive pet to your collection!

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