Rogue Demon is one of the most popular Demon Slayer inspired games on Roblox. It features many classic Breathing techniques from the manga series, and each of them come with a host of different movesets and abilities. One of the most agile of these is the Thunder Breathing style. It happens to be one of my favorite movesets to use, as it allows me to engage or disengage from combat like a storm-forged ninja. Here’s how you can get and use the Thunder Breathing style in Rogue Demon.

How to obtain and use Thunder Breathing style in Rogue Demon

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To use Thunder Breathing, you must select the moveset from the main menu before you spawn into the game. The third icon from the left in the top bar is the Thunder Breathing moveset icon, as highlighted in the image above. For further distinction, the logo resembles a person wielding a sword in an aggressive stance. Once you select it, you can jump into the game to find the Thunder Breathing movesets at your disposal.

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All Thunder Breathing skills in Rogue Demon

Thunder Breathing style allows for a very aggressive fighting style in Rogue Demon. To make the most of its moveset, you must make sure to movestack and combo your attacks. Thunder Breathing abilities has very little start-up delays, further allowing you to keep spamming your attacks and keep the pressure on. The following are all the abilities and skills you get with the Thunder Breathing style in Rogue Demon:

  • Godlike Speed (Skill 1): The player moves extremely fast for a few seconds, causing damage to any enemy they pass through.
  • Sixfold (Skill 2): The player charges up for a short while, and throws their opponent into the air to deal Thunderclap and Flash six times before landing on the ground. If the target is below 15 HP, Sixfold executes them.
  • Thunderclap and Flash (Skill 3): The player charges up in a stance, and then dashes toward an enemy to stun them and deal damage. The stun duration increases with charge-up time. If the target is below 15 HP, they will be executed instantly.
  • Discharge (Skill 4): The player emits a small charge of electricity, stunning and knocking back any enemy near them for a short wile.

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